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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sneaking in Some Time to Blog

Lately my blogs have been few and it may continue this way for awhile- although I hope not. My time's been stretched and I guard my downtime preciously and blogging is not part of that downtime.

Somedays I think public school is more on my time than having my baby home with me. My days have been filled with home school and work. Steve is currently working on a project he really, really wants to finish quickly so he's been gone from about 3am to about 10pm. Yes you read that correct he wakes at 3:00am and then proceeds through 3 jobs before laying his head down around 10:00pm. Crazy I know but it's where we're at right now. I'm so thankful for home schooling and self employment because it means the boys get to see him; I, on the other hand have been forgetting what he looks like lately. The bad part is it puts all the responsibility of home and kids on me!

The good part is this will end.
I pray.

Until then I've had to sneak into work and type this while my children sit in Sunday School a few doors down. I hope to post pics of my trip later today because I know when tomorrow hits I'll be off and running, and driving, and planning and taxiing, and well I think you get the picture.

So kid updates: Justin received another stripe in karate and should have his next belt before Thanksgiving. He also has been doing a lot of bike riding with his group of friends. Justin is also doing better each week at schooling himself, which is a big priority for me with middle school, way to go J! Vaughan has shaved about 5 minutes off his 5k time and is not only receiving all A's and B's in high school- he's the top student in his geometry class! Keep up the good work Vaughan!

Me? Well, I'm me. A wreck one day and a joy the next. I haven't had much time to do anything but school, work and parent, I'm even forgetting what my friends look or sound like. Although I did sneak away 2 weekends in a row so it's not that bad.

Speaking of getting away- one of the great things about my leaving is that my boys have got the house thing down.

I use to come home to a mess. Literally if it could be messed up it used to get messed up while I was gone. Back in the "day" I'd come home and always wonder what happened, I was sure little trolls came along and just started pulling out draws and toys and messing up dishes. Now I come home to a neat, small stack of dishes, a picked up living room and my favorite: laundry in the dryer. Lord thank you something I said in one of my rants stuck with them!

My boys rock the hiz-ouse!

Well in a minute Sunday School will be over and I'll need to move onto church with the fam and so I need to go.


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Amanda said...

Ahh wonderful, fresh, uptodate and completly filling.
Keep up the hard work boys!
Love ya,


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