Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Misphah and Shen. He named it Ebenezar, saying , "Thus far the Lord has helped us." 1 Samuel 7:12

Thursday, September 04, 2008

My Daughter? In My New Study?

My new Bible study started tonight!

I love the first night of a new study. All my friends are gathered in one place, we're all ready to hear something new from God and dig into His Word.

We're usually cold because I've turned the a/c down to low and we're usually all hopped up on caffeine, well at least I am. In these times when women are busy I find joy in seeing them connect, truly connect each week.

Tonight was extra special because my daughter was there.
No I didn't birth her, although I could have at the young age of 15 and it brought joy to my heart to look across the room and see her sitting there.
She had no hood over her head, she didn't even have her hoody on- impressive!
I'm looking forward to this journey with her.

We're a lot a like and nothing at all like one another.

We can get depressed at the thought of waking up and find joy in the silliness of being honest.

She wears lots of black.
I, lots of brown.
She wears hoods,
I hats.
She can actually apply make-up,
I'm wishing she was my daughter to have taught me how.

She has bad habits.
I have bad habits.

She does not have a job,
I do,
have 3 of them.

She pouts a bunch,
I don't pout much at all, anymore.

She loves the Lord yet questions this whole Christianity thing.
I know it's real. I've lived it. I've experienced it. I just know.
One day, she'll get it too! She's my girl.

I'll never figure her out.
She'll always think she's figured me out.

So... my new bible study started tonight and as we take off on this journey of Believing God I'm ready. Ready to listen, to learn, to live, to believe, to receive and to watch those around me open their eyes to their promised land- here on planet earth.
I get to do it all with my oldest baby, the child I didn't birth, who has only lived with me for 36 hours and yet- tugs at my heart.

I'm believing God.


they call me sarah. said...

hmm, interesting. no picture to go with though? :)

Amanda said...

To: they call me sarah- I thought you looked so pretty last night not in black, not with a hood. And I was so happy to see you in study last night. I wasnt gonna attend and now I think I'll stay. Did you do today?

they call me sarah. said...

haha, yes i did today. well, i learned that it was freezing cold in that room, so i'm definitely going to wear a hoodie next week. i'll try not to wear a black one, but no promises, because most of my hoodies are black. :) i had fun.


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