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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ditching Home School

One of my favorite things about homeschooling is the freedom to drop everything and go.
I'm great at that, ditching what I should be doing for something else. I've gotten much better at sticking to my responsibilities over the years but I am a sucker for a resort pool and Downtown Disney.

So when our first week of home schooling came to an end and I got an invite to a friends condo- I jumped on it! Justin and I took Friday off of our first week of school and headed to Orlando for hang with my good friend for a few hours.

We hung out in the pool, played some killer water volleyball and ate a homemade, yummy spaghetti lunch!

While waiting for lunch I hung out on the balcony with my friends 2 year old. He rocks. Really. I have so much fun with this kid. This time around he tried to throw everything he got his hands on to the ground 3 stories below.
He's quick and got 2 things fired off before I realized what the heck was going on. First was some piece of paper and second was his father's insoles- oops. I finally caught on and when he grabbed my can of coke to throw I blocked him! A wet win for me!
Anyway it was a well needed break from my daily duties.
Here are the pics of what ditching home school looks like for us.

I think I had just told him he couldn't throw anything.

Is he not the cutest?

After the pool we headed to Downtown Disney. Here I am with Eduardo the bowling pin- don't ask.

Eduardo at the Lego Store. The displays around the store are so cool.

This picture is from a whole different day- a day when we did ditch the normal way home for an alternate route- look what we saw, it's a Florida dog deer.

So how about you- when you ditch your usual plan what do you like to do?


allison said...

I just love to wake up sometimes and declare it a "jammie day" and we loaf around all day. AHHHHHHHHH

Rich said...

While beautiful, the impervious surface on which the dog dear must stand with what appears to be a huge gas-guzzling SUV just a few feet away makes this picture quite sad. Quite a commentary in and of itself.

Amanda said...

Can you stay for days next time please. And that boy is just like you. The pics of that deer so sad.

Love ya,

Whatcha doing for fun this week.

Whens J doing resse here Valor wants him to come play outside with him. Last week V played outside for 2 hours all by himself, How col is that. Not sure anything in Nature log got filled out but the time sure went fast!

Superhero Mom said...

Let's know me I don't ditch the plan all too often....but if I did....It would totally be going to Disney (I would settle for Downtown Disney at this point!) :) Looks like fun! PS. Thank you for letting me kidnap you last night! We could talk for HOURS! I think we just need anther Extraordinary Women's Conference or a retreat!


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