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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Creation Questions w/Kids

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One question that I've gotten over the years of homeschooling is how do I address dinosaurs and evolution. After all most books and encyclopedias treat evolution as fact.

Here's a brief run down of what we believe here at Treehouse Schoolhouse.
The flood changed everything.
Before the flood it had never rained before.
Nor were there any volcanoes.

Dinosaurs existed when man existed.

Before the flood the earth was covered with a crystalline canopy. When the sunlight hit the earth through this canopy, the sunlight was spread out equally over the whole earth. The weather was tropical all over, a tropical paradise. This would explain why Greenland and Canada have had palm fronds found buried deep beneath the snow, why islands in the Arctic Circle have whole fruit trees, with fruit still on them, buried in their snow and why forests of Redwood trees can be found under the snow of the south pole.

At the time of the flood it rained for the first time (this explains why everyone thought Noah was crazy) and volcanoes erupted for the first time, (genesis 8:2). The land masses that covered the earth were pushed apart or together giving us the current continent set-up we have today.

Because of the canopy that surrounded the earth the atmosphere was better for the body's cells. There was more atmospheric pressure. More atmospheric pressure as in the beginning of creation, would mean the pressure of the air would be forced into the body's lungs and cells more than today. The people before and after the flood would have been in much better shape. This also allowed people and animals to grow larger and live longer. (Genesis 6:4)

Remember when God created the earth it was perfect, since the fall it got worse.

This would allow for dinosaurs to live and grow large. The atmosphere after the flood was not conducive for these larger animals to live so they died off. My boys believe that if we could get to the depths of the ocean we would still find dinosaurs living in the darkness of the sea.

How could man and dinosaur live in peace together? Haven't you seen the T-Rex?
There is an answer to this, you'll have to wait because I have an office to clean.

Hope you enjoyed this history/science lesson.
Until next time...

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