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Thursday, September 13, 2007

A System from Under the Laundry Pile


Laundry. Still working out one that I like and that works real good.

The best thing in this area is this:

Do a load of laundry every day.

I'm sure I got this from Flylady. I discovered her back in 1997 and so much of what I've discovered that works comes from her.

Anyway,a load of laundry a day helps keep the smell away, or the large pile of laundry that takes over the corner of my bedroom away.

I'm not picky about separating whites and darks and colors. Most things get washed all together around the Span Ranch, if Uncle Rich ever reads this he's freaking out right now- don' worry Uncle Rich they still clean the same.

The only item(s) that get washed by themselves are Steve's work socks and clothes, although I've been known to throw in some darker stuff with those, and Vaughan's football clothes. If you could see the stink, yes it can be seen, you would stay away as well.

So a load of laundry a day is the first part of my laundry system, the second part is this:

Teach my children to do the laundry!

Easy to do, can't be messed up much and if you have an issue with how things are folded, fold yourself, teach them (and be patient when it's not perfect) or who gives a darn how it's folded, it's clean isn't it!

This second system took off great with Vaughan, he does his own laundry and is a great starter and pusher through of all things laundry here on the Span Ranch. I however take on the folding for Steve and I and Justin. Vaughan takes care of his own and I like my folding patterns best so I do it!

Justin, however is a great laundry pusher througher, since my washer knob is broken and it takes a pair of needle nose pliers to start the thing, along with a small degree in broken laundry room appliances, anyway Justin hasn't quite figured this part out yet, neither has his father, so I start and he pushes through!!

So I hope you've enjoyed this version of my systems, I know it's inspired me to implement them!!

Happy day!


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