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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Lessons I've Learned Hosting Couchsurfers

When I signed up for last spring I had no idea how much it would impact my life.

Without getting into too much info I will say this,
the Germans showed up and were so helpful, interacting with everyone and playing and coloring with Aubry. They helped cook dinner and were an all around a great group to kick off our couchsurfing experience. I a m in almost daily contact with one of the girls.

Next came the old guy from Winter Park who literally slept and showered here. Simple visitor. He was like an old teenager.

The Surfers from Sebring stayed longer than they thought and we really enjoyed meeting adventurous American kids.

Charlotte, the French Girl. We drank wine, we laughed and we built a walkway together. She encouraged me to walk more. "So now you know", she said. I will see her again.

The Campers, aka the AT Hikers. They reminded me of my love for all things outdoors, they rekindled a dream that Steve and I use to dream of hiking the AT in sections, they reminded me of how life slows down around a campfire and that sharing and hard work really make life happier. They reminded me of how nice it is to walk.

And so I leave you with that.
My lessons learned from couchsurfers.


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