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Monday, August 31, 2015

Summer is Winding Down


Those are the amounts I've spent on groceries over the last 3 weeks.
Add in about 2 additional gallons of milk
and I assure you that is all we've spent on food since returning from Honduras.

I love it.
it's a simple solution for me to save on our food bill;all I do is only eat what I have in the house

After a busy summer of people in and out of our house,
food was left, food was bought and not eaten, food was hidden in the bottom of the freezer.

8 college age boys,
2 college age girls
and 2 single men over 55 made their way through our house over this last summer.

So I opted in this slow time for our company... to eat mostly what we have and budget $0/week for food.
So how did I spend $102 if I had no food budget--
easy- I used other money from other areas to scrape by and keep my grocery spending minimal.

It's forced me to cook more from scratch and at home,
2 things I struggle hard with cooking and cooking--
can't I just pay a cook?

So that's the skinny on the eats around here.

Oh anyone who reads and wants to help me out, I am looking at names for my travel blog.
I've had several in mind, bought a domain but I just don't love it-- this keeps plaguing me.

So which of these do you like? or do you have a 

Budget Family Trip
The Frugal Traveler
Frugal Travel Mom


1 comment:

Can I Be Honest? said...

I like The Frugal Traveler!

I miss you! Let's have a FT coffee date sometime:)


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