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Thursday, August 13, 2015


our first couchsurfers from Germany

Wow, it's August already.
Can you believe it?
I looked at my chalkpaint covered back door and thought, "I should probably erase the snowflakes I painted on there last winter"
then I realized winter is closer than I care to think,
maybe I'll just leave them.

Steve, Aubry and I returned from a 10 days in Honduras where we served and attended Missionary Kid Camp. I lead craft time, as well as a game during daily game time, Steve set up ropes courses and lead games as well as made town runs for pizza and water, ice and supplies and Aubry attended her first summer camp, sort of.

When I return I reminded of how blessed I am.
I can flush my toilet paper, eat my fruits and veggies with our soaking them in bleach,
my home has hot water, air conditioning, we have reliable, honest health care and so much more.

Honduras is a country in need of reform, in need of finances, opportunity, education and Christ.
I am so thankful I had the opportunity to meet the people, hear the stories and love on last year the birthed locals and this year the transplanted ones.

MK's are a unique breed. From the outside they look and act like you and me,
but they've seen so much,
they've learned to love on a different level
and they band together like a tribe, truly having each others backs
and understanding each others pains, struggles and joys.

When I return I just want to give more and more away.
Returning from any trip reminds me of how little I need to live.

And now, as summer comes to an end we are preparing to say goodbye to the "boys of summer" as they head back to college next week.
My boarding house will close down for the time being, although it seems to always be open for business.

Aubry and I are gathering supplies and ideas for a year of relaxed home school pre-school
and I am preparing to take my travel blog live for all to see and glean travel information and idea from.

How has everyone else been?
I wonder and if you are still reading let me know.

And now... some pictures, cause let's face it, we all prefer pictures!!
the team from Florida that we traveled to Honduras with

Aubry in her camp t-shirt

Aubry playing "gato" with her friend at San Pedro Sula Pizza Hut

a group selfie with our new found friend from Maryland, a bonus team member

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