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Monday, February 11, 2013

Hi There!

It's been a busy month or so, I just sat down last night and began to re-evaluate what I have on my daily and weekly to-do list. Every once in awhile I come to a place where I have to sit down, look at all going on and make some changes, move around or get rid of commitments- you know what I mean, we all have to do it time and again.

I've been pretty good this last year about my time and commitments;
but as Aubry grows and the family dies down in size,
so does life, 
ever growing, 
ever dying,
new opportunities bud into life,
while others die off.
Birth of anything is hard,
death as equally so.

With the older kids gone so is a lot of activity around here. Shrinking from 7 people to 4 can certainly be heard and seen in the house. With two empty rooms I am a little beside myself; we've never been this way, at least not in a long time. One room will remain empty for the most part. I plan to add mirrors and ballet bars to one wall, making it a dance room; originally wanting to add a bed I am opting for an air mattress so it can remain an open space to twirl and stretch, bend and move! 
(now to decide on paint color-- errr...)

The other room currently houses my material and creative supplies, a treadmill and extra fridge.
Unsure of it's final shape I imagine it'll have a large table with a constant floor covering of string and fabric, paper, drool and sand, serving perfectly as a creative room with direct access to the sand box!

A third room, Aubry's old 6x9 mini-room is already transforming into our home office. We've spent the last 4 years running the business from the dining table, living room sofa and our bed -- it's time she have her own space.

With all that said here are some pictures, capturing some moments of this life thus far in 2013.

Aubies discovers her toes!

She loves the puppies on Grampa Chute's 1944 high chair

Baby girl starts coloring, although she prefers pens and pencils over crayons.

Steve has traveled to Detroit twice this year, remodeling the 100 year old Polish Community Center and the NEW Detroit Love Inc fortress!! We FaceTimed while he worked!

My sweet baby girl moved out taking a little piece of my heart with her, oh how I love FaceTime to keep her near.

One of my desires is to blog a little more, so hopefully I'll be around here more in 2013!

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Aleatha said...

yay to you blogging more! miss ya


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