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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Creative Blessing

So I love the fact that earlier this month my friend Whitney's home was totally repainted and somewhat remodeled. 
Why do I love this fact you ask?
Well... I love it because 1 week after her "new" home was created we kicked her and her family out of it for a Saturday and we hacked her Pinterest boards and totally got creative and blessed her home by actually doing several items she had pinned.
Of course I have no pictures because #1: I was too gitty with Amanda over all we were doing, like really I painted in RED paint the word "hello" on her front door; what a rush! No pictures reason #2: that day my phones memory, aka my camera, was maxed out and I had no room for pictures.

It was a small effort for about a half dozen of us but the pay-off was huge!
We totally redid her back porch with a monogrammed barrel fire pit, a cute "S'more Fun" sign, a custom half log bench and a small chalkboard to cover a "not-so-pretty-needs-replacing-someday" area out back. Oh yes and then there was the recycled privacy fence.

Inside we purchased her favorite shower curtain, printed off some cool bathroom signs, framed and hung them.

In her boys rooms a super good deal on new bedspreads and canvases I purchased a year ago, because they were a good deal but went with nothing in my house, completed their spaces as if pros had spent hours matching fabrics and colors.

A custom pallet table out front, a large chalkboard by the front door and a "Family, Faith, Friends" sign in the kitchen completed the mini-make over: Pinterest hacked of course.

Now tomorrow my friends will once again descend on my home and fabric and cheerios will fly as we work on our Pinterest hacked items for my daughter-in-laws housewarming party this weekend. The babies will all trash the place while we drink coffee, laugh and talk.

I plan to have pictures this time and want so badly to post them but I'll wait.

I will tell you this has been so much fun.
It's as if we are making peoples dreams come true one Pinterest pin at a time.
Who's next is what I keep asking myself? and i think I know the answer.

What about you:
perhaps this is a good idea for you.
Check out your friends Pinterest boards,
maybe bake them those yummy Nutella cookies they have pinned, or print that printable they like, the possibilities are endless; of course if you really feel generous you could check out my "going somewhere" board and buy me a plane ticket or two :) lol, just kidding, kind of, not really, I am itching to travel... but I will take those Nutella cookies, wink, wink.

Long story short I have really found that not only do I love letting my creative juices flow,
I love blessing others with those juices.

Creative blessing ~ 
it's what the cool kids are doing ~ 
you game?

1 comment:

Allison Reynolds said...

What a blessing! And an awesome idea. You are such a giver...I love it!


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