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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,
Hi, it's me, Aubry May. I turned 6 months the other day and I thought you may like to know what I am up to.
I like to eat bananas right from the peel, Aunt Michelle cuts the end of the banana off and scoops it out- yum, yum.
I also eat oatmeal. Green beans make me puke.
I am a great kicker and stretcher. Aunty and Uncle say I will either be a swimmer or a biker, my legs can get going a hundred miles a minute.
I am fussy.
I really just like to be held all the time and since I can't yet say words I just fuss.
Although last week I started to hang out for a little moring time in my crib.
Auntie likes that.
Speaking of my crib, I have a new banner over it, it says my name. It's pink, with flowers and so cute.
Thanks mom for an odd letered name, it makes the banner hang so cute.
Aunt Michelle also cut down a large, regular size bumper to fit my smaller condo size crib.
That's right I didn't have a bumper gaurd all these months however Aunty didn't like that sometimes my legs or arms would hang out the sides.
I really love living with all my cousins.
I wear size 3 diapers and 9-12 months clothing.
I know that you thought of me on Mother's Day adn that you miss me very much.
I wish I could say I missed you but really I don't know you; but maybe one day I will know you. I know that you love me, and dad too and if I was old enough to understand prayer I hope I would pray for you.
I'm sure there are other things I do that you would like to know but I'm only 6 months old and I'd much rather play with my dolly, a package of baby wipes or crinkle up some paper.

Oh and one last thing, pray for me. Auntie says I am a miracle from God, that he has something special in store for me. That I was chosen by Him to do good works.
I want to do those good works.
I want to share the goodness of God in my life to others.
Thanks for having me mom. I love you for that.


Superhero Mom said...

I sigh, I have teary eyes and the word that comes to my mind and heart is GRACE! I love you Michelle! You've been created to do good works too! He sees it and is proud!

Anonymous said...

Too cute...still love your voice(s)-svs

Dauvy said...

Agape love. You shine with it.


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