Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Misphah and Shen. He named it Ebenezar, saying , "Thus far the Lord has helped us." 1 Samuel 7:12

Monday, February 06, 2012

I Think Today is Monday, but I Could be Wrong

I so wish I could write more about my day to day, 
all it's ins and outs, 
ups AND downs;

the conversations,
the funny sayings,
the frustrations.

I happen to be living this day to day, these ins and outs.
I ride the ups AND downs, screaming, laughing, praying all the ride long.
I listen to conversations, with 9 of us in the house there can be a whole lot of conversation.
My 4-year-old nephew says the funniest things sometimes most of the time, that kid is gifted with words Lord may he use them for YOU.
I get frustrated 
frustrated that I have horrible hair some days,
frustrated that no matter how many dishes I do there are always more to do,
frustrated that my thighs are revolting against my shorts,
frustrated that I am having to 
live with, 
deal with 
and "parent" the aftermath of others stupid decisions.
Frustrated that there is not enough $ in the budget or time in the day to surf Pinterest and do ALL the fun projects I see and bake ALL the yummy stuff I see.

However, never fear...
I did get a chance to sit down tonight to type this, and add some fun fonts I might add,
all this even though...
I'd much rather be working on this Pinterest project I did seem to find the time to start.

But as for those days I want to journal...

I am thrilled that my mornings always start hopefully on a really good day start with this:

And I am super blessed to have this precious little lady sprinkled throughout my whole day:
So until I blog again, most likely in a few days, you can find me taxing around in my '99 Deville, trying to soften these dry, wrinkled hands and feed the family convince Sarah to feed the family healthy all along the way. 

Peace to you all
do the hard thing: love someone you'd rather tell off,


Anonymous said...

You my dear, have a beautiful mind. Love-DVD

Anonymous said...

DVD otherwise known as svs

Superhero Mom said...

You are doing a great job Michelle! I feel like I'm always reinventing the way I do life. I too have ups and downs...and thankfully Mr. Incredible is up when I'm down and visa versa! It is always good to realize that you have an Anchor (His Word)...that which we cannot/must not EVER let go of!! It is the only thing keeping us steady! Keep hanging on Michelle!

Doris said...

Michelle, you are my hero :) I can't even put into words the admiration I have for you, taking this journey you didn't actually buy a ticket for...yet, you guys are making it work by depending on the Lord to see you through it...I know some days must be rough, but those are the days where your faith gets even stronger..Thanks for sharing your "day to day" with us when you can...Those fonts are totally fun!! So clever :)


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