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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fly Greg Home Initiative

So last week at church our pastor challenged us to be the church.
If we saw a need to do something to meet it.
You can go here to listen to his message and I suggest you do- it's good stuff!

So the next day while walking with a long time friend we got talking about her son and daughter-in-law and new baby on the way. It got my brain gears a turnin' and I wrote this note on FB:

"I am seeing a need and making steps to meet it.

A friend of mine is due to have her second baby at the end of April.
Her husband recently had to move to LA for work and will not be able to fly home for the birth or even soon after.
So I am trying to raise $350 to fly him home about mid-May.

Southwest has tickets for $139 each way.

If you can donate even $1 it will help. Please let me know, this young family has been a blessing in our lives and I would love to help them as they make this distance sacrifice.

Message me here and I can share more of their beautiful story.

mail any donations to:

(I listed my address on FB, you can e-mail me to get my address vintagesheet(at)yahoo(dot)com

and you'll just have to trust me with the money- any overage will be given to them for food or baby items.

Love you all- let's be the church."

So I've started this Fly Greg Home initiative
hope you will pray and then perhaps give.

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