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Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Date night this last week consisted of going to a local fair in the empty lots near where I work.
We spent and hour there and rode 2 rides.
Hear me again 2 rides!
We bought tickets to ride 3 rides but I could only handle two.
First was the ferris wheel and second was some ride we laid on our stomachs like we were flying birds.
While they were both fun the ferris wheel was more of an adrenaline rush than I ever remember and the second ride- well as cool as it was- it just did me in with the repetitive around and around and around....
After our hour we didn't know what to do so we shopped around for another hour then realizing it was 8:38pm and getting late- lol, we headed home to be with our kids :)
So what was your last date night like?


American in Bath said...

I haven't had a date in months. Hmm... This sounds like a ton of fun.

Brandi said...

Date Night, whats that? Haha. Kalian and I should be heading out for a date night this weekend-still not sure what to plan. Any ideas?

Michelle said...

Brandi- date nights to Barnes and Noble or any book store are always fun or a walk in a local park if it's light enough out. The age old dinner and a movie is fun but please with avoid the Mcd's play area and any other place you frequent with the little guy :)


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