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Thursday, September 09, 2010

We Are Here

So welcome home to us!

Life spun into a whirlwind of events starting last Saturday night. Long story short Justin's appendix opened some time last week. His body formed 2 absesses around his appendix. Saturday night we went to the local ER and then early Sunday morning we were admitted to the ER in Daytona Beach.

Getting his CT scan.

We were thrilled and surprised when they rolled this Wii gaming station into the room.

Sunday afternoon we brought in the family doctor to check up on Justin.

I packed a cooler and the 5 days we were in the hospital I could make my own meals. Justin was on a liquid only diet since entering the hospital on Saturday.

Once he could eat I made the trek across the hospital to the vending machine for a Kit Kat bar and coffee.

We treated the absesses with antibiotics and his second CT scan showed the appendix and that the absesses had shrunk in size. He came home on Wednesday and has been given permission to resume 100% normal activity. Next we wait a few weeks until the infection is gone and then he'll have an apendectomy.

In the meantime I've been cleaning and weeding out.

Getting ready to finish our storage shed so that Justin's room can me moved into our garage and his old room can be turned into a nursery! I love throwing things out and donating items!!

Well back to my purging!


1 comment:

American in Bath said...

Glad things have worked out so well. And how excited you must be for the nursery.


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