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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Date Night

So the older we get the more date night changes. Some things don't change like sometimes on date night we pay a bunch of money....
In case you don't know our last date night was to Universal Studios Rock the Universe. After we made the last minute decision to go and the trek to Orlando we first and foremost found our kids, yes our kids on date night, and hung out with them.
Not mine by birth the young man in the purple is like a child of my own.

Somehow we managed to meet just in time for dinner, dad's treat!!

Boy have they changed over the years but their friendships have remained intact.

Now back to date night. We stayed at the park for about 6 hours, caught about 20 minutes of Grits and walked by toby as he sang Jesus Freak.
It was a great night we rode Men in Black, The Simpson's, The Mummy and Disaster! We ran into some other dear friends, but I can say this was the first time I'd been to RTU, or Night of Joy, where I didn't see any concerts??!!
What I did notice was date night seems to always consist of me taking a bunch of pictures of my Hottie and I.
here, see for yourself:

So that was our lastest date night.
What about you, where is your favorite date night place?


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