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Wednesday, September 22, 2010 Website Review - thanks to my friend Jamie for sending me this link this past spring.
I started using the Cozi system at the beginning of the summer but it wasn't until I got my smartphone that I really started to use it.

What I love best is the fact that I can put all our work schedules, dr. appointments and extra-curricular activities into Cozi and then access it from anywhere!
My home PC, my phone, my friends PC...
I also have text reminders that go out to all people involved in an activity. I can set the lead time for the text reminder to go out.; sometimes it's 30 minutes, sometimes 24 hours.

I also keep running lists going,
grocery, Home Depot, Wal-mart, Sam's Club.
That way I can stop in on the fly or if Steve happens to be at Sam's or Home Depot the list can be pulled up easily and items checked off- again in one central place for us all to access.

This past week I entered all our bill due dates into Cozi with text reminders going out to Steve and I.

Love it!
One central place to handle all our growing families activities.
Check it out- you'll be happy you did!


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