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Monday, March 29, 2010


Not a ton special or exciting has been happening around here.
No vacations, no surprises; actually if anything I have had more of a withdrawal of things from my life and then the normal life with teenage stuff I guess, if normal is even a word.
Here are some pictures to sum up the last few weeks.
I spent the better part of the first 2 weeks in March sewing over 25 bags. Here they are:
During one of my busy days my "daughter" Sarah was called in to take Justin for a few hours; to get him out of the house and to give me some well needed quiet time. I've come to realize that as children get older people don't think that parents need supervised breaks from them; we do. Teenagers are no less noisy, hungry or time consuming than elementary kids, they just have more independence.
One thing I just love about my boys is there love for their dad. They still hug him and kiss him, they still snuggle on the couch with him and here is Vaughan just hugging his dad. As boys become teenagers they need dad more and more; while this hurts my heart, they seem to need mom less and less, it ultimately brings so much joy to my heart.
Justin dressed for church:
I had the amazing opportunity to serve on a Lighthouse Via de Cristo weekend. It truly was an honor and a privilege to be called to this weekend. My sisters in Christ this weekend were just what I needed. In a time where craziness around me has pulled my closest friends away from me I needed these women. Thank you God for pulling people away, drawing me to You in this "aloneness" and then blessing me with these women. Here I am in my bunk:
So that's that. I will try to post more pic on what we're up to. While we've been homebodies I am getting ready to "take back" my family and get out and about like days gone by. In some ways I feel as though I've shrunk back and let life run me. I don't like that, want that or think it's healthy for our family.
Have a blessed week.
peace out :-)


Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

tessahjake said...

love you! come to AK


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