Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Misphah and Shen. He named it Ebenezar, saying , "Thus far the Lord has helped us." 1 Samuel 7:12

Friday, March 12, 2010


...when you have kids it's a constant series of letting go.
It starts at birth.
They need you for everything,
then you teach them to do things on their own,
until eventually-
they don't need you very much anymore.

Don't fight it.
It's just happens.

May I always see my need for God.
May I never try to grow up and out of His family, and when I do I am thankful in advance He waits with open arms.

My arms are open.
Waiting for a 16-year-old, or 14-year-old to hug me.

Sadly life moves along quickly, yet somewhere deep down I am doing flips anticipating life without kids at home.
God help me!
Happy Friday all- hug someone today.


Aleatha said...

I'm sending you a hug :)

Superhero Mom said...

OH I love your honest heart, but really your words tug at me..all of my boys will grow up and out all about the same time. OH Come Lord Jesus!!!


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