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Monday, May 23, 2016

We Took a Chance on Our Date Night

I love to share ideas and be inspired by other people's ideas.
So when my friends Heather and Carlos rolled the dice on their family adventure one day I knew it was a keeper of an idea and some version of it would be happening for us.

So here it is, my first video splicing and yes the sound needs help but I am happy with it.
Enjoy our "Take a Chance Date Night" and may you be inspired to take a chance on your next family or date night.

Link here to see the video by WittaKrew that inspired me.


Doris Swift said...

Love this idea! So fun and adventurous. I'm sure this will inspire couples to shake up their date nights and roll with it, literally!

Alicia DeWever said...

So FUN!!!!


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