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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Our Heart 4 Honduras

I am not a fearful person,
yet I am easily frozen by fear.

A few years back I had a dream and some ideas that I shared with someone close to me and was met with a negative, "you can't do that"  response and it really froze me.

Around the same time I was told by a family memeber that my blog was too "high and mighty sounding" and that I was making myself out to be a "goody two shoes Christian who was better than everyone else", none of which was my heart intent.

I began to shrink back in many ways and fall prey to the enemy who desires to shut me up and keep me secluded and locked away.

Since being diagnosed and healed from breast cancer things have changed.
Not only in my physical body but in my mental and spiritaul state.

I have already started by writing more personally on my blog again, putting feet to my ideas and dreams and now I want to share with you all my family's love for the people of Honduras and why Steve and I have become Ambassadors to Honduras through an organization called The Foundation for Missions.

Our desire as Ambassadors is to bring awareness to the needs in Honduras.

There are 4 needs that stand out to us:1. a need for chldren to have nutrious meals2. quality medical & dental attention3. spiritual needs4. financial help.

Honduras is a very corrupt country and when we partner with The Foundation and the Sowers family we can help bypass the corruption and get needs actually met and help where it's needed.

We believe that we can share the needs in Honduras
- though face to face talking,
- pointing people to the blogs and social media pages of the Sowers Family
- by taking people down to Honduras where they can see first hand the people and the needs there

Here is a brief summary of our personal experiences in Honduras:

In June 2014, Steve and I traveled to the frontier of Lempira, Honduras on a medical and construction mission trip; this was the trip that bound our hearts together as a couple to the Honduran people and the Sowers family ministry.
Rice feeding "station" at Mercedes feeding center church
On this trip we participated in a feeding program where children were fed, enjoyed and were thankful for a bowl of nutritious rice.

We visited Catholic run orphange for girls and another for babies and toddlers.

Steve helped construction on a remote clinic

I helped entertain children while they and their parents waited to receive medical help

I also helped in the pharmacy where patients received everything from vitamins to ibuprofen.

MK kids getting to be kids
We returned in August of 2015 Steve, Aubry and I, along with three other people from our home church, this time to help the Sowers family run a camp for the children of missionary kids whose parents are serving in Honduras. What a wonderful ministry and unity of the body of Chirst this was as the Sowers family does not discrimintaed between who can come to camp, if you'e a missionary family your children may come.

3 stages of the bridge, bridge, partial, completed

Then in January of this year Steve again traveled down with  a team of men to help build a bridge in a week. A bridge that cut the travel time from one small village to another larger one with medical facilities by and hour and a half. This my friend is life changing.

So why am I sharing this?
Well, because I want to bring awareness to you.

Since our first trip to Honduras two short years ago several exciting things have happened...
- Kimberly Hall has started a child sponsorship program called Manna4Lempira that you can read about here or visit thier FaceBook page here.
- Churches here in Florida are desiring to not only sponsor children but for whole churches here to sponsor children from the same church in Honduras- connecting not only individuals but connecting whole groups of people. How exciting!

I want to challenge you to give by sponsoring a child,
going on a trip
helping to buy a motorcycle or horse or just simply by giving.
Contact me with any questions, upcoming trip info or with any questions oyu may have. mspanos74(at)gmail(dot)com

A current need is to fund Missionary Kid Camp this summer. You can view more on the FaceBook page and blog.

Here's a good video made for a specific church but does a great job with an overview of the Sowers4Pastors Ministry we love and personally support.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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