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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I Got 2 Turntables and A Microphone

So I was going to name this post "Where It's At"
but once I typed that I thought of the 90's song by Beck,
"Where it's at,
I got two turn tables and a microphone"
and, well I just thought that was a better title... I mean who doesn't wanna think of the fun it would be to have 2 turntables and... well you get point... or maybe you don't,


A friend of mine at the church we attended for 15 years asked me for an update on my cancer journey for the prayer chain so I thought I'd also share it here.

It's been a busy week with 2 docotos appointments and soccer sign-ups for Aubry!!

Update would be that we/I are doing great. Really resting in the peace of Christ and in the faith that God has healed me, for His word says in Psalm 103:3b that He "... heals all your diseases," Also trying to saturate my head with the Word of God for "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God"

I have met with the surgeon and a holistic doctor so far this week and will meet with the oncologist tomorrow; I have an MRI in the works of being scheuled (insurance referring and all). Once the MRI comes back we will have a better idea of what's going on.

My current treatment plan is a natural approach of diet and holistic Chinese medicines. I believe God has given us both the natural world as well as the medical world to heal this breast cancer. 

Current prayer request would be for MRI to show the cancer is still contained in the one breast and for the tumor to shrink in size and for clear margins once the lump is removed, if that be the path God sees me to take.

Praise report is that I have had the opportunity to encourage some people in my life who I didn't even realize needed to be reminded of God's goodness in hard times, His believeability-- He is believeable, period. And just overall sharing of my faith walk.

Also praise report that because of a friend, who referred me to their friend, I have been put in touch with one of the best cancer centers in the country and they are willing to look over all my medical records, for free I might add, and give me their suggested treatment plan!! I get a second opionion from some of the best doctors in the industry!

So for now that it where it's at.
I mean beside this cutie on the soccer field!!

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