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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Breakdowns Are Adventures You'd Have Missed

I have spent many an hour sitting on the side of a highway, broke down somewhere on the eastern seaboard.

It was 2004 and our then family of four had just crossed the state line; our Virginia-Georgia vacation was coming to a close when we found ourselves pushing the little white Kia Rio off the exit ramp. We were towed back to GA and settled into a hotel with a jacuzzi and across the street from a dollar theatre! We were in Heaven.

2010 found us sitting under an overpass waiting for the Cadillac to cool down. That trip allowed for an urban photo shot, pool swimming, Waffle House eating and an impromptu trip to Savannah, GA.

Now I lay here in a hotel somewhere 300 miles from my hometown in NH. The engine in my car is junk. I should be somewhere well south of the Mason-Dixon Line headed to my home in FL. Yet here I am in PA waiting on a tow back to where I just left.

Is this fun? No. But yes, of course it's fun. What other outlook can I have.

I've learned lots sitting on the side of the road. It slows me down. Makes me think.

When life happens outside our control then joy is the only option. While we may desire for things to go different it is in accepting how they ARE that makes the moment or breaks it.

Sure my day and week is not at all how I want it to be going but it is how God sees it going. Since God knows best I have to move on; and moving on with a smile, a seance of adventure and a good attitude sure beats the heck out of the alternative.

So whether sitting on the side of I-84 in PA or wherever life has that is broken down, take heart, look to The One who knows the why and the how; trust it to Him and look up,
Look around,
There is a whole world out there that had the breakdown not happened you'd never have seen.

For me. I got to experience some of the most amazing people. I had the opportunity to be blessed with a ride, crayons, water for the dog and some great stories of an old man!!

Had I not broke down I would not have had the moments to be blessed by strangers and to maybe have blessed them, we did after all help in the mechanic shop with organizing and clean-up!!

Had we not broke down we'd have missed  a "top 10" playground and this town has the best climbing rocks!!

So love where you are!

Be loving, be peace;
Until next time,

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