Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Misphah and Shen. He named it Ebenezar, saying , "Thus far the Lord has helped us." 1 Samuel 7:12

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Random Tuesday Update

Steve, Aubry and I just returned from the pilgrimage home.
It was a funeral that sent us home, so our hearts were heavy with the loss of Steve's grandfather; but our time was spent laughing and enjoying.
Webster defines pilgrimage as "the journey of a pilgrim to a shrine or sacred place."
Sacred place.
That is what New Hampshire has become to us.
A place of relaxation, peace, a renewed appreciation for the world our Creator God made for us.

So now I sit here, day one back home in Florida wondering where to start and what to do.
Work wise my next event in 2 months off and then there is this itching desire to sell everything inside my house.

It was a rainy morning so that puts a damper on my garden time, or at least mentally puts a damper on it. A load of laundry is drying and my dishes await me.
So there is plenty to do.

In other news, Aubry is a good traveler.
Between plane rides, car break downs and mini-half-day-road-trips she has proven to be a pleasant traveler; this makes us smile because if a Cali trip is indeed in our 2013 line-up she has made the cut to be able to go. Speaking of Aubry we had court last week and for now she will remain living with us. Her bio-parents caseplan has been extended once again and so only time will tell. We trust her future to God who knows best for her.

Well I will be running, probably gonna make a "to-do list" and start crossing stuff off it.
I trust you all had a wonderful weekend and where ever you are are enjoying some warmer temps and seeing signs of life budding all around you.

Until next time extend peace and love,


Simply Dani said...

California 2013 is non-negotiable.
Oliver misses you.
I've already told people you are coming, and you can't be making a liar out of me.
I need someone to hang my hammock and clothesline.
You'll break tradition.
And this girl is getting dunked.

Doris said...

Enjoyed your post as always! Beautifully written, and love updates on your family. Funny you mentioned selling everything inside your house; I was listening to a sermon on my way to work, and the pastor said many years ago he and his wife sold EVERYTHING with plans to go and tell... People told them they were crazy, but people said that about Noah too. I'd say they were in good company. BTW, it was Calvary's Pastor Jim Raley that told that story. Keep blessing with your words :)

Lanierstudios said...

I feel like selling everything in my house too! I desire simplicity and yet I find I create my own chaos! Hugs! I will be in Jax for Memorial weekend and would love to see you if possible!

Lanierstudios said...

It's Robyn..:)


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