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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Little Ones Now and Then

Having a little one again reminds me of some things.

It reminds me that sometimes it's more important to sit and play than to do the dishes.
It reminds me that hugs and kisses outweighs a clean shirt.
Showers are overrated,
drooling is best wiped away with a hand and a pair of jeans.
Speaking of jeans, they are a staple in every mom's wardrobe.

Having a little one reminds me that sometimes bedtimes need to be thrown out for the sake of loving and giggling or friends visiting.
A little one reminds me that a baby on the hip, watching your every move is precious; tiring but precious.
A little one reminds me that walks are worth taking
and talking to ones self is freeing.

Laughing at oneself is even better.

Little ones remind me of the simple things in life. No fancy toy needed.
Little ones remind me that books are good and when you have a good one it's worth reading over and over.
Little ones remind me that eating often keeps the fussiness away,
and that sharing is an important rule.

I also have the privilege of being a mom of little ones over a 20 year period of time.
Being a mom of a little one today versus 20 years ago is pretty different.
20 years ago we didn't hang cute banners at birthday parties, nor did we have elaborate themes with printables from the internet.
We couldn't share pictures on Facebook because not only did it not exist but the internet was not common, we didn't even get dial-up until 1996!
20 years ago a pony tail was just that, who knew about all these cute easy "mom pony tails" existed.
20 years ago there was only ONE simple Exersaucer,
this is not even the original, the original had nothing on the tray
and to think there is an even more crowded exersaucer than this one

High chairs were still simple and wooden.
5-point harnesses on a stroller was unheard of
and car seats had a "tray" that lifted up over the child's head.
20 years ago there was no Netflix and PBS was the way to go for children's programing, glad that's still around.
There was no Dora or Curious George TV, no Veggie Tales.
McDonald's still had ballpits- and BIG ones at that.

A lot has changed in the arena of parenting.
And I am blessed to be experiencing it all.

Thank you to the little ones in my world.

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