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Thursday, June 02, 2011

I Turned the Car Around Today

With Detroit on my mind more and more I can't seem to get the picture of homelessness out of my mind.

I can't seem to get the picture of homelessness out of my face.

There is this one homeless guy who I owe $10 to, not because he asked but because I felt God telling me to give it to him but my fears held me back.

Then there's Buck the homeless guy we've been friends with for 4 years now.

But today.
Today I stopped for a homeless lady, actually turned the car around, pulled over and sat next to her on the side of the street.

Along with her "Anything helps" sign.

Kind of weird and humbling sitting there- "who is driving by, do they know me, if they don't what do they think of me, will the stuff over in my car get stolen..."

my mind was all over the place, but then I focused in on her.
We shook hands.

Her name was Colorado,
I had to ask and dig for a real name because I thought that was more polite than asking for her gender.

Seems like homeless women can fit 1 of three roles on the streets,
#1: they are a girlfriend to somebody else on the street,
#2: they are "all girl" and have the goods to sell for it or
#3: they try their best to blend in and by blending that usually means being more non-gender.

She fit the third.

After awhile of talking she said she had to go, she had to get back to work; which meant "get out of here lady".

Then I did what I do all the time in Detroit but rarely do here in my own backyard: I asked how I could pray for her, if I could pray for her. She was receptive for me to pray for her away on my own for whatever I felt like; afterall she said, "All prayers are heard"
I left it like that.

The I asked what else I could do with no money in my pocket-
"a small coffee", she asked- "I'm falling asleep over here"
I was persistent about food and she finally also asked for a fish sandwich from McD's.

When I showed back up she was surprised I came back.
We chatted some more, I got some info on other practical ways I could help her and I was on my way.

I drove away,
my heart hurting, my mind playing the time over in my head-
she had wreaked of booze,
she was nodding off,
her sign torn and battered as if it had survived a crab season on the Bering Sea;

but her eyes,
her eyes were the eyes of a human soul,
a women longing for love,
for a friend,
for more than what she was currently doing each day.
For Jesus,
she was is starving for Jesus, the real one, the Healer- oh that is my prayer for Colorado that she would meet the Healer face to face and be forever changed.

So what about you- is there anyone less fortunate you need to stop and say hi to?
Any homeless person you see on a regular basis?
Go ahead, introduce yourself, lend a hand.

Matthew 25:35

New American Standard Bible

For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in;

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Doris said...

Such an AWESOME story Michelle! You were Jesus to that woman today and she will never forget it. God prompted you to stop, but I think it's when you left and came back that she truly believed you and God really cared. You showed true compassion to someone who is probably only used to hearing rude comments and receiving judgemental stares. She was surprised to see you come back, since so many in her past probably never did. That makes it hard to trust people. I'm sure the encounter made quite an impression on her and gave her hope. Whatever her story is, you are now a part of it, and Jesus too! Thank you for sharing with us so we can join you in praying for "Colorado"..It reminds me so much of that song "pulled up to the red light looked out my window, saw a sign that read 'help this homeless widow'..."I don't want to miss what matters, I wanna be reachin' out, show me the greater purpose....." Love that song, but doesn't mean anything unless we put it in action like you did today :) Love ya!!


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