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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gettin' My Freak On!

I'm freakin' out man!
Sounds like that should be a line from some stoner movie or something.
Anyway it's true for me.

I've worked on getting things off my plate and slimming down to the bare essentials but it just seems my job and my upcoming mission trip are slamming me hard against the wall of life!
Just when I think we've less to do something else gets thrown on the pile.

I know seasons of life come and go and some seasons are just busier than others, but this summer has been off the chain.

Someone, somewhere decided that our calendar for youth ministries should be fairly full.
Then I decided not to do everything on that calendar, then more got added and I found myself roped in. Well, not roped in, I stepped into a few of these last minute calendar additions, mostly out of neccesity.
So as I sit here in my kitchen awake and freaking out to some extent, knowing that today will lead way to 2 major events and that I will have to wait over 2 weeks before I will finally get a quiet spell.

Right now I'm dreaming of a 12-hour stretch (I'd really, really like it to 24 or 28-hour stretch) of time when I don't have anyone under the age of 30 around me. Heck, at this point in time I'd take 30 minutes of that! I'm not sure when or how it will come about, I mean let's face it Steve's job has him busy and working 60+ hours a week, but I am already working on getting a day away.

So as I sit here.
This morning,
I will begin to change my perspective.
For I know what it is to have a busy schedule and I know what it is to have an empty one.
I have learned the secret to be content no matter what my schedule looks like, whether busy or not. I can do everything who him who gives me strength.
So, I will enjoy the 30 minutes of quiet here in my kitchen instead of wishing I had it.

I'm a freak out--- maybe it's the red hair? Maybe it's the genes or my personality? Maybe... I'm just a freak out!
Either way I am freakin' out to God. Dumping all this stress and junk to Him.
Somehow, someway it gives me the strength to move forward.
So on that note.
I'm outta here-
off to to "better" things.

Freakin' Out With Jesus

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Jen said...

I am with ya sista. I say all the time.." I need a reading retreat all to myself, or a HS planning weekend all to myself..." and on and on I go with little ones around my legs and students at my table :). Its the greatest place in the world to be but it can get overwhelming too! We have to seize the 3o min moments like you said and stop dreaming cause THIS IS OUR LIFE! Hang in there and hope you get much accomplished in oh so little time :).


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