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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Fourth of July Recap

Our 4th of July was full of new life stages as well as old traditions.
Like Vaughan working til 3pm- new life stage
Justin being gone at a friends until 3pm- new life stage
then there were old traditions like:
going to the Fireworks Store!

It's how we start our 4th of July every year, taking stock in our firework supply and seeing what's on sale at the Fireworks Stand!
Here they are making final decisions.

The guys played volleyball by the river.

Justin was the background music.

Here is a great shot of my nephew and my grandmother, his great-grandmother. I love the pimpin' sunglasses Nana!

Vaughan and Caleb headed out in the little dingy, I was convinced they were gonna sink it, but they didn't!

More pictures on by the river.

My camera died after this picture so no pictures of the firework show.
We set off a decent amount early in the evening.
The we watched the local town fireworks then
the neighbors put on their own firework show that was pretty good.

No cars were blown up this and it was a quieter night than usual.

A little old a little new.
God Bless the
Red, White and Blue,


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Superhero Mom said...

Such a poet you are my sweet friend! I enjoyed my 4th as well!


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