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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Results of MRI and More

A drawbridge, it can make you anxious or relax you, you chose. #NSBnorthcasueway

*because I love my readers... recipe link at bottom*

So the MRI results are in and while I was believing for a
"wow, you have no tumor!" response
that's not what I got.
Instead it was good news, there is only the one tumor,
in the one breast, nothing more visable.

I never know what terminology to use at the doctors,
I call it a breast, beacuse that's what they call it,
but really to me, it's my boob...

So I have scheduled a lumpectomy for the 27th of this month;
however I am still praying and asking God to
disolve this tumor to nothing or below .5cm.

It was the prophet Isaiah who said,
"But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed."

I am being healed from so much more than this cancer.
I am finding healing in inner emotions of resentment, bitterness, judgement and more.

I believe that I am already healed.

I think the big question people have for me now is "What are you doing for treatment?"

I have been a little more quiet about this as it is not traditional.
I am, as of now, not jumping into radiation then chemo.

Cancer is individual.

When a person gets diagnosed there is no way for anyone else to know exactly how they are feeling and what is best for them.
It's truly individual.

I've only had 2 "negative" expereinces so far;
the first was when it was said to me that people would "judge me" for having cancer.
Until that was said I would have never imagined that others would judge me, or anyone, for having cancer; 

Why would someone do that? 
I guess one reason is we want to know what that person did wrong to get cancer so we can do the right thing and not get it.

Even with all my new found education on cancer I can not take God's hand out of it.
Sometimes things happen.
Sometimes healthy people get cancer, or a cold. 
Good things happen to bad people 
and bad things happen to good people.
Sometimes a child falls out of a tree, lands on their arm and breaks it;
other time a child falls out of tree, lands on their arm and walk away a little bruised.

Not saying actions don't have consequences, but I am saying that God wrote my days long before my blip on the screen of planet earth came about.
For whatever reason He wrote cancer on these few pages of my book of life.
The book of Psalms says "all my days ordained for me were written in your book, before one of them came to be."

I have peace in that truth.

My life has come to this -- photos to gain info for my oragnic food spreadsheet -- I wanna get the best deal people!

The second negative expereince was when someone critized me for not acting quickly and not doing what the doctors recommended.
Trust me I have done what the doctors have recommended so far
and no I have not acted as quickly as others have and that's okay.
It's individual, personal
and I had alot of educating to do.

I wasn't going to jump into something I knew little about because someome said I should.
That's not me. I tend to jump into things quickly that people say I shouldn't do... but that's another blog post. {wink}

So, with the knowledge that I have right now I am praying and taking steps forward toward a holistic, natural treatment plan.

I have radically changed my eating habits,
I have been educating myself on my specific cancer type, my personal lifestyle and the inner workings of how this tumor was formed and have been researching along with an amazing woman named Crystal; my holistic doctor, what natural and herbal options are out there.

My brain hurts.
For now that is where I am at.

This journey is already amazing and while I am not quite sure I am thankful for it,

deep down perhaps
I am thankful for the opportunity to press in closer in my faith.To grow spiritually.
To love deeper,
live more
and practice being at peace having joy each step of the way... notice I said practice...

For those that know me and my heart about this, you get it, or at least get me.
For those that don't really know me or can't really understand why, be assured I am not walking into this blindly.
I have done tons of research,
met and spoken with lots of people who have chosen this path before me
for now, 
this is what I believe God would have me do.

Resting in the peace that was brought on me, on us, because of the punishment Christ received, that punishment that lead to my healing.

The holistic approach... I am sure I'll share more,
until then 
may you rest in the peace given to you,
on this exact day of your life.

XOXO friends,

Cauliflower Fried Rice

I have become addicted to caluiflower rice,
I have used this recipe and it's wonderfully yummy,
I leave out the braggs or any soy sauce and it's still delicious!!

Let me know if you make cauliflower rice and anything yummy you make with it


Sarah Corliss said...

Michelle, I have so much respect for you and how you are approaching this new road you are on. As a nurse, there are so many experiences and recommendations I could share with you. But I won't because I believe the best thing I can do for you is to ask God to be with you and Steve and your kids and your friends as you all walk through this. So, I will pray for you. Know I am thinking of you, sending love and hoping your peaceful thoughts and feelings don't waiver. Xoxo ~Sarah

Michelle Spanos said...

Thank you Sarah.

Joanna {a pretty cool fat chick} said...

Again, I love you

Missy said...

Thank you for sending cancer fighting recipes our way. With each year more of my family and friends are diagnosed with cancer so it it a good reminder to try to live the best way we can.


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