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Friday, March 22, 2013

Playing Catch Up

I figured I would write this blog with a bunch of pictures to catch you all up on the happenings around here.
Steve has traveled to Detroit every month in 2013 to start and continue working on the building Detroit Love Inc. purchased this past summer. This thrills my heart on several levels and also thrills me to have some "no Steve" time.

I know, I know, some of you married people just can't grasp it, and I know others can; but I enjoy time alone in my house, particularly my bed- I can spread out in our bed however I want and watch BBC mini-series to my hearts content. I always miss him and we FaceTime daily but I'd be lying if I said it was horrible having him gone.

This last month Vaughan came over and we sat on the couch and visited for a few hours.
It's strange having your kid move out;
when they come home, it's still that: home.
They walk in the door and you're surprised, yet there is something so familiar about it.
Here he is with Aubry.

Speaking of Detroit, it's not just about the building, but the people. Steve sent me this picture of the last crew serving at the Detroit Rescue Mission. 

March also meant visits from family. My cousin Molly and her daughter Sophie were in town from Alaska and her parents came down from Maine. we walked the boardwalk, fed babies, rocked babies, walked babies, drove babies around, encouraged one another and I complained and vented more than I probably should have. We visited Downtown Disney and the second she left I felt the sadness of her absence in my day to day. The closest thing I have to a sister it was such a joy to have her and such a bummer to see her go.

And then there is Illana Belle.
Pure joy.
We have been doing our best to have her overnight on Sundays and well into the day on Monday. She is a ticket this little one. Talking so clear, curious, sassy and smart.
She loves her Papou.

This day we crafted and painted. What started as rainbow ended as this, a messy taste of pure fun!

And then there is this girl.
We started as enemies, for lack of a better term-
4th grade girls who, in an attempt to rule the playground, made lists dividing all other 4th graders into teams: either her team or mine.
We ended with a truce, or something,
and a friendship that has lasted since Naples Elementary School in 1984.
Blessed that her grandparents retired 2 miles from my house, time with her is as if we have never lived in separate states. 
So let me introduce you to Twanna, my oldest, non-relative friend.

Then there's May May.
Aubry May.
Loved by her big brother.

I didn't think I'd see this again.
Thought our backpack kid days were over in the 90's.
She's clingy, she loves daddy so here she sits.

So that's a brief catch-up on life around here at the Span Ranch.

Of course I have BIG plans ahead:
- an adventure day trip,
- perhaps a trip to Detroit for me as well as Steve,
- finishing my gallery wall,
- Pinterest ideas to complete
- and perhaps starting to write a book.
Yes you read that correct, I've talked about it for a while, mostly to myself;
but I have some thoughts on what I'd write about,
there are themes like forgiveness, love, "growing up Christian";
then there are life lessons learned through the school of hard knocks,
of course I have stories of unique people I've met and know and learned from.....but enough of that.

Book writing seems to be an idea for many people, what would you write about?

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